Electronic commerce is an excellent method of dealing with forces that are increasingly presenting SMEs with new opportunities and problems. Business can use e-commerce to streamline and integrate processes along the entire business value chain, and create a strong competitiive edge and benefit from

  • Reduced costs
  • Faster turnaround times
  • The ability to tap new and bigger markets around the world
  • Global Exposure
  • Online transactional functions for business

KPOne.net is a subsidiary company of Knowledge-Pro. Knowledge-Pro in the computer and software business since 1991.  We have satisfied users in meeting their business computer and software requirements.  Over the years we have kept our promises to our customers and continue to offer the best products and services in the computer and software industry.

At Knowledge-Pro, being a Singapore Information Technology Federation (SITF) and approved consultant of LECP. We hope to help our customers estalish an Internet presence and reap from the benefits of internet technology.  We want our customers to maintain their competitiveness and exploit the potentials that lie in the internet technology.  Therefore, we'll help you create awareness in your industry among your customers, suppliers as well as competitors through your very own web page that we design and publish for you.  In addition, we can also help our customers apply for the LECP subsidies.

Our servers are pre-configured with the Internet's most popular software including the Apache web server.  We recongnize that establishing an Internet presence for your organization can one of the most important steps you  take.  With the many components needed to establish a professional and reliable internet presence it will be very expensive and a waste of resources for just one web site.  By sharing resources, organizations can have all the benefits of a superior Internet connection and pay only a fraction of the cost while you let our technicians deal with all the hassles.

With our hosting service, you can take advantage of our powerful internet connection, professional technical services and affordable pricing.  You can also reduce your expenses by eliminating the need for expensive telecommunications equipment, 24 hours internet and system administration. We also offer both email and phone support to quickly resolve any problems you may encounter.


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